The Harvest Partnership Ltd is an Independent Financial Adviser specialising in pension and investment arrangements for income and capital growth. Our clients include private individuals, charities, private trusts and churches. The advice we offer is professional, bespoke and scrupulously independent.

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The Harvest Partnership Ltd  -  Independent Financial Advisers
We coordinate income across pensions and investments.
Care and attention to detail makes good things happen.
We plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the ground.
Practical and efficient administration stops problems in their tracks.
We offer socially distanced meetings, at your convenience.


Our clients come from all walks of life, often at or approaching retirement age. In almost all cases, it's a question of coordinating existing arrangements to deliver the required level of income post-retirement.

For those already retired, the opportunities are still immense. With the correct professional guidance it is possible to improve the financial outcome for many clients. It is never too late! 

A picture of a financially prudent retired couple.

However, while time is on our side, it's probably the best time to assess our arrangements! Early and carefull attention as to how we should go about accumulating adequate resources for our later years can literally pay dividends. As the old saying goes: "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail!" Forward planning is the answer.

Foundational elements of retirement income may comprise: State pension, an occupational pension or two, perhaps a personal pension and investments. Client situations vary considerably — no two client scenarios are the same — making professional and independent financial advice essential.

In every case, careful evaluation of existing arrangements is needed to ensure they are optimisd for the task at hand. Our House practice is to ensure that, as far as possible, client income is derived from dividend yield - even from pensions, as this offers greater security of income with the potential for good capital performance far into the future.

The objective: Put clients in the fully informed position of knowing their income is sufficient and sustainable throughout their retirement. With care, and subject to certain criteria and future legislation, it is possible to manage arrangements for the optimised benefit of both client and the next generation. It is possible to honour the interests of both. the problem is less acute because they probably don't require income from their money; for them, a cash deposit is just a store of value; it doesn't have to do anything, although it would be very welcome if it did!

The Harvest Partnership Ltd works to a fiduciary standard. A fiduciary is a person or organisation that puts the interests of clients ahead of their own. In any given situation, our advice should mirror the advice we would wish ourselves or our loved ones to receive, given our level of expertise. Working to a fiduciary standard is to be bound ethically to act in another's best interests, in good faith and trust.


Good client outcomes are what everyA picture of a relaxed retired lady with a positive outlook. professional financial services practice desires. Activity within our business is devoted to that primary objective. Our philosophy can be summed up in three words:

Honesty ● Industry ● Integrity.

From the encouragement of all staff (including those who are not directly client-facing) to become professionally qualified, to the pursuit of further qualifications and maintaining the required hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD), the foundation of sound financial advice and effective ongoing service is knowledge.

Not least in the process of delivering sound advice is the impromptu case conference: Highly experienced people exchanging notes whilst navigating jointly towards a better client outcome.

Add knowledge to experience and attention to detail and you have THE winning combination:


It all adds up.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. Investments are medium to long-term arrangements.

A picture of couple who are pleased they've got their retirement plans worked out with the help of The Harvest Partnership.